BBFlux Wireless presents to you its first series of Flux Black Box for your businesses to help you control and manage your wireless network for best users experience.

Our Black Box collection is new of its kind in the world, since its embedded and small to meet your business requirements, with best price in the market. Other “like” systems are much more expensive in which the need multiple servers to perform these tasks.

Black Box Benefits:

  • Automatic User Registration

  • Daily/Monthly Users Download/Upload Limit

  • User Speed Limit

  • Ensure equality for your users to grant excellent internet service

  • Securing/Isolating your network from public users

  • Display your terms/conditions for each user to agree

  • Display your Facebook page badge to get likes

  • Display custom ads of your choice

  • Easy to use portal to manage your BB

Flux Black Box is Patent Pending - (JO/2016/00023)

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