This controller best serves for small areas like coffee shops and restaurants with one hall.

To add more coverage, you'll need to setup more wifi access points and connect them all to the black box.

We can customaize a network configuration based on your needs after you send us more information about the location area, number of connected clients, your internet connection plan and we will prepare a full solution that contains:

* Black box - Preconfigured

* Access Points - Preconfigured

* Cables and Switches as needed

* Connection plans

All you need then is setup the equepment and power them up ! Everything is ready now to serve you.


Order Black Box now, and add in the notes your details. Futrther communications will be through your email by support team.


$350 + $50 Shipping Worldwide

Black Box 1 Year+Shipping | 350 USD | Shipping +50 USD


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